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Create. Consume. Rinse. Repeat. Development with professionalism, writing with passion - or the other way around.

Tech/coding enthusiast/nerd from Finland who enjoys writing. When I’m not dreaming of creating or actually creating something, I’m most likely enjoying the creations of others. This of course comes after being a father of three, a husband and a caretaker of a dog.

For writing, I write about lots of things but those things tend to lean a bit on the tech side. Stuff about stuff, really. As for the development, I don’t discriminate among stuff to do as I tend to dabble in many different things be it embedded, old legacy monoliths and bleeding edge tech. If forced to choose however, Machine Makes Noise’s forte tends to be more in the entertainment/experimental side of coding and tech like games, music, sfx, modelling, graphics, story telling and what not. And as the day job makes me focus more on the “boring” business side of the development world that’s on the table too from time to time - as I said, I’m not too picky!

There is more to Machine Makes Noise than just a person talking about oneself in third person. Machine Makes Noise is meant to tie the programming and the writing under a single brand. This is a lot of work, since in addition to developing new projects and maintaining old ones, I try my best to write about them too.

Thank You for Your time
Machine Makes Noise / Santtu S.